What’s not to love about the delicious taste of Ice Cream?! Enjoy our huge selection of ice cream flavors on a hand-dipped chocolate waffle cone, cool off with a delicious smoothie, or enjoy a homemade delight.

Homemade Ice Cream!

Single Scoop $3.79, Double Scoop $4.79, Waffle Cone $1.00, Dipped Waffle Cone $2.50, Toppings $0.75

Popular Flavors Special Flavors Toppings
Chocolate Dreamsicle Rees’e Bits
Vanilla Bubble Gum Chocolate Chip
Strawberry The King Bubble Gum
Butter Pecan Fruity Pebbles Gummie Bears
Cookies & Cream Key Lime Toffee
Strawberry Cheesecake Cotton Candy Gummy Worms
Banana Pudding Pina Colada Peanuts
Cake Batter PB&J Pecans
Pistachio Almond Butterscotch Chips
Mango Oreo
 *Ask about our weekly specialty flavors! M&M’s

More Goodies!

Smoothies Lemonade
Strawberry-Mango-Green Apple-Blueberry: $5.50 Regular Lemonade: $3.00
Pomegranate-Raspberry-Wild Berry-Strawberry: $5.50 Frozen Lemonade: $4.95
Banana-Peach-Pina Colada: $5.50 Add Flavors: $1.00
Ice Cream Sandwich Homemade Delights
Choose any two Cookies and one Ice Cream flavor: $5.49 Chocolate Brownie: $3.50
Specialty Cookies: Chocolate Peanut Butter, & Oreo Oreo Brownie: $3.50